Packing List and Gear Suppliers

Summer weather in Idaho can be extremely variable. Most trips can plan for a combination of gorgeous, sunny weather and some cloudy days with a chance of rain. These weather changes are often a highlight of the trip, as long as one has the right equipment. Each day, you will need to be prepared for temperatures ranging from ninety degrees to forty degrees. This rarely happens, but being prepared is the difference between being miserable and enjoying the river in a wide spectrum of conditions.



Your enjoyment of the trip will be greatly enhanced by bringing all of these items.

We usually enjoy leisurely mornings in camp, so that we don't get on the water until the day has warmed up. On nice days, we reccomend a bathing suit, quick dry shorts, a sun hat, and a sun shirt. Each boat will have a space available for "day" items that will be easily accessible (your clothing bag may be packed on a different raft and difficult to access during the day.) Keep a long underwear top and bottom and a warm hat accessible in case the weather gets cool, and have raingear always handy in case a quick summer shower rolls in. Unless the weather is really hot and dry, wear synthetic fabrics on the river, because they are quick drying and are reasonably warm even when wet. In camp, it is always nice to slip into cotton shorts, sweats, or a light blouse and skirt.

Your equipage for the trip will include:

  • One "ammo" box (6" X 12" X 7") During the day, this box is accessible to you for all your smaller personal items like sunscreen, lip balm, camera, toothbrush, etc. If you intend to bring a large amount of camera or video gear, please call to discuss packing options. 
  • One river bag that will contain your sleeping bag and camp gear, not easily accessible during the day. You will not receive this bag until our first night on the river.
  • One river bag, 2.2 cubic feet capacity that will fit all the clothing items on the list, not easily accessible during the day.
  • One small "day bag" or comparable dry, easily accessible space on each boat for raingear, hiking shoes, and other bulky items that you may need throughout the day.


  • Protective sun shirt Quality waterproof raingear with hood (top and bottom)
  • Protective sun hat Warm synthetic (fleece/pile) jacket and pants
  • 1 or 2 bathing suits One set warm clothing for in camp (flannel shirt and sweats, or a wool sweater, etc.)
  • One or two pairs cotton shorts Lightweight hiking shoes and several pairs wool or synthetic socks
  • 2 or 3 pairs quick-dry (nylon) shorts Your favorite comfortable clothing item (sweatshirt, nightie)
  • Sandals (Teva, Chaco, Nike, etc.) 2 sets (top and bottom) midweight synthetic long underwear
  • Warm hat that covers ears 2 or 3 T-shirts, one long sleeve one is nice


  • Sunglasses
  • 2 One quart water bottles
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip protection (chapstick)
  • Headlamp or flashlight with spare batteries
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Medications + one spare set for first aid kit
  • Biodegradable soap for bathing
  • Personal hygiene items

You may want…

  • Journal and pen
  • Camera and film
  • Reading material
  • Fishing rod
  • Small towel
  • One or two carabiners (clips available at any outdoor store)
  • One light skirt or dress for warm evenings in camp
  • A festive (or even silly) shirt or dress (be creative: leisure suits, evening gowns, superhero costumes encouraged)
  • Special Beverages: Canned Juices, Soda, Beer (cans only please!), Wine, Liquor, Mixers

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