Salmon River Adventures...

At Yellow Jacket River Guides, we want your trip to be about more than just world class rapids and gourmet meals: a river journey is a rare opportunity to truly slow down, unwind, and enjoy the kind of genuine fun and engagement that comes with feeling relaxed, comfortable, and connected with the people around you. 

Floating through a river canyon isn't just watching beautiful scenery pass by, it's about exploring and becoming part of the landscape, seeing history through the eyes of those who came before, and beginning to think of the Salmon River as another home away from home. 

We can't tell you exactly what you'll enjoy most or bring away with you from your trip: each one is as unique as the families and friends we share it with. Every trip is a great mix of folks, starting with our amazing crew of guides who bring their knowledge, kindness, incredible whitewater skills, willingness to teach (and learn!), sense of adventure, and readiness to join you in some world class fun. 

We pride ourselves on creating a safe, professional, inclusive, fun, and meaningful vacation that you'll remember for a lifetime.