The River of no Return 

The Salmon River is known for world class whitewater and we've got a boat to match anyone's desired excitement level. This River offers so much more than whitewater. There are long stretches of peaceful flatwater, ideal for swimming, learning to row or trying a different craft, or just sitting quietly and possibly catching a glimpse of a moose, bear, or golden eagle. Outstanding fishing opportunities abound for the family angler.

Adventure of a lifetime

We offer oar boats, where passengers relax and let the guide do the work; paddle boats, where paddlers and the guide work together to negotiate rapids; thrilling inflatable kayaks, where one or two people paddle a small craft; or you can even bring your own kayak or canoe. You can choose your preferred craft each day. The rapids are rated “Class III”, which translates to an exciting, yet safe, ride. Your safety is the only thing more important to us than your enjoyment. 


a 5 day wilderness journey

Each day we stop for short side trips to Sheepeater Indian pictographs, pioneer homesteads, abandoned mining claims, and even a hotspring. We can also take longer hikes: exploring side canyons or climbing to breath-taking vistas. It’s a great trip for inexperienced, first time, or even the most seasoned of campers.

4 NIghts of Riverside Camps

We camp each night at beautiful white sand beaches where your guides prepare gourmet meals while you hike, fish, swim, read, or enjoy a cocktail or a hot drink by the campfire. Our menu features savory fresh meats, locally grown vegetables, and irresistible desserts. We know that your comfort is essential to enjoying any vacation. We provide sturdy tents, warm sleeping bags, and soft sleeping pads.


PRICING: $1949 per person  *  $3699 per couple


June 24
July 2, 10, 18, 26
August 3, 11, 19, 27
September 4

Trip Rate includes all meals, necessary equipment, guide services, and Jet Boat Tour beginning from our morning departure on Day 1 to our afternoon return Day 5.  Trips beginning in Salmon include all ground transportation to and from the launch point.  If water or weather conditions preclude the Jet Boat Tour, participants will be responsible for additional round trip travel costs.