Area History

Take a look back....

Photographs of Yellow Jacket town site, USGS 1926

Idaho Public Television, Gold Rush Days and Ghost Towns, featuring segment on Yellow Jacket filmed August, 2001

Idaho State Historical Society, Oral History Center, archive includes audio tapes and transcripts of oral histories of William Heber Steen (1980, 1983) and Edwin French Steen, Jr., (1984). At this time I am seeking permission to post the transcripts of WHS and EFS2's interviews on this site. 

Lemhi County Historical Society, Salmon, Idaho. The museum has many historic photographs of Yellow Jacket in its collection. 

Land of the Yankee Fork State Park, Custer County, Idaho.

Jesus Urquides, Yellow Jacket tramway packer, Pioneer Hill Cemetery

Idaho State Historical Society, Yellow Jacket Mining District

Steen Family History

the legacy lives on...

"Steen family marks 100th anniversary," The Recorder Herald (Lemhi County, Idaho), May 3, 1979

The grandchildren of Daniel Morrison Steen with their great-grandmother Catherine Brown French, June 1937, photographed at Yellow Jacket

Annotations from back of Steen grandchildren photograph, written by Bill Steen March 22, 1979

Bonanza Cemetery, grave of John Steen, d. 1900